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Model Frequency Output Power Welding Capability Dimension Weight Line Source
SM 101
SM 102
SM 103
SM 104
SM 105
SM 106
28 KHZ 300W
8-14mm 300 x 230 x110mm 6KG 100/220v 3A 1P
28 KHZ 800W 15-20mm 420 x 600 x 200mm 30KG 220v 5A 1P
28 KHZ 800W 15-20mm 350 x 420 x 900mm 85KG 220v 5A 1P
20 KHZ 1400W 130mm 410 x 690 x 1100mm 130KG 220v 10A 1P
15 KHZ 3200W
230-260mm 750 x 940 x 1980mm 300KG 220v 15A 1P
220v 20A 1P

The Sonotrode (horn) is the general name of all kinds of ultrasonic launching terminals. Its function is to coupling the ultrasonic with working project, because it works by ultrasonic transmitting, the horn certainly should work in the resonance condition, i.e. its periodic resonance frequency must match with the oscillator. What's more, the oscillation amplitudes must be in averages, the end surface Shape must be to the welding horn's.

Ultrasonic Welding Horn Main

❒ Material : alloy steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, stainless steel.
❒ Hardness : Max HRC62 & omicron.
❒ Working Condition : Solid liquid, liquid metals and so on.
❒ Surface treatment : black oxide, chrominum galvanized.


cylinder lines
Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machines
Ultrasonic Welding Horn Main
Ultrasonic Welding Horn Main
All Types of Horns
All Types of Horns

Ultra Sonic Manual Hand Gun
600 w and 1000w hand guns are available.

Machines Type Frequency Power
SM-401 20KHZ 1000W
MS-402 20/30KHZ 600W
SM-403 40KHZ 700W
SM-404 35KHZ 1000W

Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machines
Ultra Sonic Manual Hand Gun
All Types Hand Gan Horn
All Types Hand Gan Horn


Spin Welding Machines
Product Parameters

Supply AC 380V 50-60Hz air pressure 0.2-7Bar
Power 15000/2000/2200 3000/4400w Capacity 1/0.1-3S
Working Journey 7 5 / 7 5 / 7 5 100/100mm Size 650*870*1800
Welding Time 0-10 SA Weight 280-300kg

Spin Weldng Machines
Spin Welding Machines
Spin Weldng Machines
Spin Weldng Machines
Spin Welding Machines
Type SM 301 SM 302 SM 303 SM 304
Heating Power 2000W 4000W 8000W 15000W
Power Supply AC380V/50Hz
Air Pressure 0.5-1 Mpa
Temperature of Heat Welding 50-400 Total number display
Time of heat welding 0.1-605 adjustable)
Welding capability (mm) 250x200 400x7.50 600x400 800x400
Welding Speed 200 200 180 150
Size (mm) 1450x850x1800 1380x900x1800 1580x1170x2100 1450x1650x2100
Weight (kg) 280 350 480 560

Rotary Welding breakthrough traditional processing method to be more accurate In time for the industrial designer model designer and product development team to provide more rapid evevironmental protection Acurate expression of design ideas and product features, Also applies to plastic products manufacturing industry Develop and produce new products. nd the cost is only 30% - 50% of the traditional glue and lock screw method Greatly saves time and money for you Any defects in the Weldingjoint Can be made up and improved in the early of product development Make your products into the market as soon as possible Seize business opportunities.

Hot Plate Welding Machines

Product Application :

Electronic : Tape, Digital watch, Calculators, Instrument, Tape Shell
Stationery : Pen, Pen holder, Stapler, Pencil-case Pencil, Sharpener
Traffic Equipment : Headlights, Loudspeaker, Clock Code Table, Failure Identification
Food Industry : Vacuum Flask, Thermos Bottle, Spice Bottles, Sauces Boats, Wine Bottle
Cosmetic : Inserts boxes, Plastics hoses, Compact
Motor : Power Switch, Relay, Rectifier, Setter, Timer, Connoctor, Batery Shell, Swithc
Home Appliance : Steam Iron, Tv Shell, Transparency Panel, Power Rectifier, Mosquito Respellent Lamp Shell, Washing Machine Slot
Toy : Toy-gun, Key Chain, Airplane, Pyramid, Telephone, Remote Transport Lucky Boxes
Importend Accessories : Cylinder-FESTO, Solenoid Valve-FESTO, Pressure Regulator-FESTO, Throttle-FESTO

Hot Plate Welding Machines
Hot Plate Welding Machines
Ultra Sonic Cleaning Machines
Ultra Sonic Cleaning Machines (33KHZ, 3KV)
Multi Head P.P. Box Welding Machines
Multi Head P.P. Box Welding Machines
PP Cartoon Boxes
PP Cartoon Boxes
Application :

This machine is used for welding PP cartoon Boxes. It also emboses the name / log. it works on pneumatic pressure.